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Topic: Depression

It is critical to understand the components of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) when up against depression.  David Burns is an expert in this field offering multiple examples and handouts useful for understanding and treating depression.  While his original handbook (almost 800 pages- yikes!) was a bit much for the non-clinician, this version is easier to tackle. BUY NOW 


Topic: Relationships

Why do so many relationships fail? This book makes a case for individuals having different needs and different languages that communicate love.  Imagine the problems that occur when you are speaking a different "language" than the person you love.   The content can also be applied to other individuals who you care about but are not effectively communicating with. BUY NOW


 Topic: Anger

Harriet Lerner does an excellent job showing how individuals engage in a “dance” of unhealthy behaviors with individuals they are close to. The book deals with the concept of over-functioning and under-functioning. While women's anger is the focus, I recommend it to anyone wanting to understand how to respond better to frustrating situations. Men, don't be intimidated by the sub-title. This applies to you as well. BUY NOW


Topic:  Opposite Sex

If you are married or ever plan on being in a relationship with the opposite sex, then this is a must read. Instead of attacking each other, why not start understanding why each person in the relationship responds and behaves differently. Gray includes simple strategies for communicating that can help minimize or eliminate common problems that most couples face. BUY NOW


Topic: Personality Disorders

Stop Walking on Eggshells is a helpful book for understanding radical mood swings and unstable relationships. This book was written about Borderline Personality Disorder and the effects it has on family members. This book teaches individuals how to effectively respond to and change manipulative behaviors.  It takes an often misunderstood disorder and explains it in a simple way. BUY NOW


Topic: Parenting

Have a child you are considering sending to boot camp? Before making a rash decision, give this book a chance. Ross Greene shares insights and suggestions that remove the emotional reactions that frequently occur when raising a child that marches to a different beat. Ross was a favorite professor of mine while studying at Virginia Tech and is a leading expert in raising difficult children. BUY NOW 

Phone Sessions

Phone sessions are a great option for receiving professional services without having to travel. The process is easy:

1) Select and pay from an option listed below

2) Respond when you receive an email as to your time/day preferences

3) Schedule your session with a one of our professionals. Appointment slots are typically available 2-3 weeks after initial contact.

Please note:  All phone sessions are coaching based. Payments will appear as "Edge Coaching" on your credit card statement.

Single Phone Session

Spend 50 minutes talking to a professional about an issue that is affecting your current life. Great for staying healthy and working on single topics.

3 Phone Sessions

Choose (3) 50 minute phone sessions for tackling bigger issues you are facing. Multiple sessions include action assignments for assuring client growth and processing.

7 Phone Sessions

BEST VALUE: Your problems did not get created over night. Be fair to yourself and benefit from this fantastic offer that includes (7) 50 minute sessions.