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I caught my teenager smoking pot

 Topic: Parenting

Question: I am worried about my 16 year old teenager who I just found out has smoked pot. So far, I have taken his phone away and grounded him but I want to make sure he does not do it again. What else should I be doing?

Michelle's Take: Use this situation to start communicating more with your son. Was this a single event? Was he experimenting? Or is he self medicating and if so, why?  

It is important to recognize the information that was presented over the past three decades in regards to marijuana was often biased and installed an unnecessary level of fear. If you have time, there is an interesting article worth reading: 5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Marijuana

It’s perfectly fine to have house rules and consequences for behaviors you want to eliminate. And it is smart to recognize that relying on substances can lead to addictions for adolescents and adults alike. Balance this with recognizing you can not be there 24/7 and that teenagers need to make their own choices. This is how they grow into adults.

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